International Master : Subterranean Reservoirs of Energy

The International Master Subterranean Reservoirs of Energy / Hydrodynamics -Geology – Modelling forms students in the following domains of competences :

* Hydro-thermodynamic processes during the exploitation of subterranean energy reservoirs
* Engineering methods of foresseing, controlling, modelling and optimising the recovery scenarios
* Simulation and 3D-modelling of reservoir geological structures and reservoir dynamic processes
* Reservoir geology and geophysics

All the international applicants having at minimum a bachelor degree in one of the following disciplines (physics – mechanics – applied mathematics – informatics – geophysics – reservoir engineering – petroleum geosciences) are welcome, both the students and technician candidates seeking a career evolution.

All lectures of this Master are given in english. Training period is 2 years, starting from September.
To download the whole presentation and the application forms for M1 & M2, please visit this page.